We are a team of high-powered and motivated professionals with a wide range of expertise and competence. Our policies empower proficient professionals to recognise their career aspirations. At BLK, we believe that people are our greatest assets and the foundation for our growth and success. From engineers to surveyors, from finance executives to marketing professionals, we hand-pick only those who show passion, skills, integrity and commitment. Talent, be it raw or experienced, is always welcome at BLK.


We value transparency and accountability. At BLK, work is driven by collaboration, not competition. Employees share knowledge at liberty with each other for the benefit of the team, rather than hoarding information for personal growth.

Trust and Respect

We foster a trusting and respectable work culture for our employees. Our workforce is our most valuable asset, and every employee is appreciated, supported and provided with new opportunities. We provide opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment.

Life Outside Work

We believe that outdoor team building activities boosts morale and strengthens interpersonal relationships, two key aspects of having a productive, effective team.

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